Dr. Jason Williamson DC

What We Do

Here at Willemin Chiropractic and the office of Dr. Jason Williamson, we help people's bodies and minds
function at their top potential and improve their quality of life through chiropractic.  We also counsel on
nutrition, fitness, and improving overall lifestyle.  We believe chiropractic is something everyone can
benefit from.  From the time a baby is born until death, chiropractic can improve lives permanently.

Through the application of chiropractic principles we help our practice members regain their health by
releasing their body's innate ability to heal itself. We keep our services effective and affordable by utilizing
proven chiropractic techniques and avoiding unnecessary therapies. At our office, you can expect a
normal visit to last no more than 5-10 minutes from the time you come in until you're back in your car.  That
of course does not include your first couple visits, or if any special circumstances arise regarding your

You're Supposed To Be Healthy

The design of the human body includes all the parts and pieces necessary to be a thriving, healthy being.
You weren't born with a medicine cabinet on your back or with too many organs or other parts. By
removing those things that interfere with your body's normal function, by natural law you will absolutely
begin your journey back to health.  Your progress depends on your own commitment to healing and doing
those things that restore and maintain health.

Your Body Is Organized

Just like a well-run company, your body thrives because of its organization. Through the nervous system,
your brain communicates with every tissue cell throughout your body. It is this vast communication network
that controls and coordinates EVERY single cellular and bodily function.
When there is an interruption in this communication flow (what we call nerve interference or vertebral
subluxation), and signals are distorted, then systems tend to break down causing dysfunction and,
eventually, symptoms and disease.

Better Communication Means Better Performance

When this interference is located and removed, the body automatically is restored to a higher level of
health and performance.
Children, babies, and infants
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